Simple Simon Met a Pieman

Sketchbook painting, Clayton at Normandie, Halftime

Bellefontaine Angel spot illustration

Call me Red, Shanghai Pictorial

Bai Lin Real Estate Office (or Wedgewood Meets Beaux Arts), Shanghai Pictorial

Plastic Creche Figures, South Carolina

Thirteen-Lined Ground Squirrel, MySci

Thirteen-Lined Ground Squirrel, MySci

U.S. Air Force Museum, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio

U.S. Air Force Museum, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio

Old MacDonald

Air Conditioners, Shanghai Pictorial

Air Conditioners, Shanghai Pictorial

Order! Order! Sam the Dog #92

Elk with Signage, Scenes from Starkdale, Ohio

Mother Hen spot illustration

Medici Under Surveillance, Florence

Medici Under Surveillance, Florence

Rashomon Pizza Oven 2

Painted Box Turtle, MySci

Had a Farm (E-I-E-I-O)

Local Figures 1: Federhofer

Sketchbook Painting, Bride Supervises the Inner Belt, St. Louis County

Three Vehicles, Scenes from Starkdale, Ohio

Rashomon Pizza Oven 1

The Car-Drawing Club, Shanghai Pictorial

Playmate of the Month: April 1970, Shanghai Pictorial

Our Evolving World, Field Museum, Chicago

Sketchbook Drawing, Above Omaha Beach

Ancient Dudes in Storage

Nymph, Some Strange Spell

Ad Hoc Aflatoxin Lab, Quartz

Caring for Dummies

Grain Broker, Quartz

Study for Natural History Museum, Production Design

Only to Wanderers, The Five Pagodas

2023 Lincoln Way East, Shanghai Pictorial

Mao is so Money, The Five Pagodas

San Rafael, California

Election Sketchbook: Obama Headquarters, 3 Days To Go

Cactus spot illustration

Putting with Traffic, Scenes from Starkdale, Ohio

Adoration of the Magi from the Choir Screen, Chartres Cathedral

Food Pantry Interview with Byron

Revival Cover, December No. 24

Gila Monster, MySci

View of Suzhou, The Five Pagodas

Cai Shen, The God of Money, Shanghai Pictorial

Stormy Monday, Sam the Dog #63

A Revolution in Sculpture, Shanghai Pictorial

Bad Harvest, Quartz

'55 Chevy & Shovel  spot illustration

Hirshon Wedding Ceremony

Election Sketchbook, John McCain is not a hero anymore

Massive Greeks at the Metropolitan

Shanghai Caprices

Still from The Doughboy

Lutheran Saints, Copenhagen

Grasshopper, MySci

Infantry and Artillery, Alabama Confederate Monument

Still from The Doughboy

Pancake Girl, The Five Pagodas

Nocturne, Shanghai Pictorial