visit mohicanland

"There are two guys, named Blinky and Myron. Myron is the older, more serious, less happy one. Myron has a lot of gravity happening. He’s solid and thick. Blinky flits like a bird. He collects enthusiasms, one after another. Exotic diets. UFO coverups. Crackpot Egyptology. Everything that Blinky has learned about the world, beyond what he’s gained from his own senses, he’s gotten from cable TV, silly pamphlets, and talk radio. Said sources routinely make ridiculous claims that Blinky repeats uncritically. For example, that finely ground dandelion leaves, if you take them orally, will cure any disease in the world. Myron broods; Blinky exults. Myron is turgid and jowly. Blinky is nimble and gaunt. Myron cites authorities, and Blinky is all caprice. For the purposes of the story, they’re friends." 

Scene 1, Visit Mohicanland


Visit Mohicanland began as a suite of prints designed to accompany a text of modest length which grew into a novel. The prints were completed between 1997 and 2004; the novel was begun in the mid 1990s and completed in 2009. The prints are three-color reduction prints in yellow ochre, red and black, printed by Betsy Ruppa and Alyssa Naucas Wei. 

The novel is a picaresque tale involving two friends named Blinky and Myron, two time-traveling adversary-collaborators in the persons of Miami Chief Little Turtle and Mad Anthony Wayne, wicked capitalists known as the Sucke Brothers, mysterious prehistoric earthworks, and hostile invaders from other worlds.