Stick figures: Drawing as a Human Practice

published in association with the norman rockwell museum (2018)

"Startlingly original." - Steven Guarnaccia, former op-ed director of the New York Times

From an accomplished practitioner, curator and theorist comes Stick Figures: Drawing as a Human Practice to reset the terms for an ancient activity. D. B. Dowd embraces drawing as a process for everyone, not just artists. This beautifully designed book uses a striking range of visual samples to explore an elemental human capacity. The artifacts of drawing (chiefly, illustrations and cartoons) are rescued from outdated hierarchies of taste and engaged on their own theoretical and cultural terms.

This a book is a rumination on drawing, but it is not a book that will teach you how to draw. A reflection on why drawing matters, and how we might think about it as distinct from painting. Drawing as symbolic communication, not illusion-making. Not How-To, but What-For.