spartan holiday

Spartan Holiday is an award-winning illustrated journal by author-illustrator DB Dowd that combines travel writing, memoir and history to celebrate close looking and listening in daily life. Its editorial fixation: 

To celebrate a Spartan Holiday is to wring pleasure from modest stuff. To look and listen, to get a fix on things as they are. To embrace the vernacular. To enliven a rainy day. To gain independence from the media narrative of the week.

Honor the actual. Observe, slowly. Embark on a Spartan Holiday. Engage the world like a traveler, canny but agape, whether five or fifty or 5,000 miles from home. That’s what you can expect here. An eyeful.


No. 1  Shanghai Pictorial (2012)
No. 2 The Five Pagodas (2013)
No. 3  French Lesson (2017)