Cartooning & Campaigning Part One

Several times over the last several months GT has weighed in on the intersection between visual culture history--an abiding passion—and the ever remarkable if increasingly vexatious 2008 presidential primary season--an interest perhaps more widely shared in the general population. I offered some thoughts on Robert Weaver and Norman Rockwell, the former in the context of his work covering Jack Kennedy’s race for the 1960 Democratic nomination, the latter in light of his illustration work for Look in the mid-60s on white flight and civil rights violence, wrapped in a set of modest observations about the New Hampshire primary. 

Today, to mark the Pennsylvania primary after a more-or-less contentless brawl since the most recent votes and caucuses, I am returning to the green almond marked below in a Venn Diagram of overlapping subjects.

Unfortunately, the day has shown that my ambitions for this post are greater than the time available. So I will leave off with a promise to resume tomorrow, with a discussion of race, illustration, electioneering, and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.