Delicate Arch Panorama + Dialogue

Here is the assembled panorama of the Delicate Arch drawings described below. There is some horizontal compression, especially between the second and third panels. Add maybe another single page of distance moving to the right. 

Best overheard dialogue as I worked, which I was able to attribute to a pair of very attractive people who hiked in together after me looking rather fabulous and not especially outdoor-oriented. 

Him: Lemme take a picture of you.
Her: No. (Pause.) I'm not very happy. You'll be able to tell. 
Him: Come on. 

Silence for a little while.

Her: Let's get a picture of the two of us. That way somebody will actually be able to tell that we had a vacation together.
Him: Okay, let's do that. 

They find someone willing. The picture is made within feet of me. They array themselves: he the Daddy-sponsor, sitting upright but leaning on an arm. She arranges herself in front of him like some sort of prize minx, legs along the ground, up on an arm, head cocked. Big smile from her. Pleased ownership from him. The shot is taken. They look at the result.

Her: Ooh, that looks good! Thank you!
Him: Yeah, that's a good one.