Democracy Illustrated: Election Sketchbook

Today I will be covering the election as an illustrator-correspondent for the St. Louis Beacon, an online nonprofit newspaper staffed by former hands at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. These veteran journalists are working to reinvest the delivery of regional news with the depth, focus and nuance that we used to expect of the P-D. And good for them--I hope they are onto something with the new model.

I began drawing on this project late last week. Most of my pre-election drawings are up already on the Beacon site. Along with my team of communication design students (Sarah, Maggie and David) I will be tramping all around the St. Louis metropolitan area today, covering 4 very diverse polling stations and more. Today's drawings will be uploaded here as they are ready. I would guess that today's first drawings will appear on the site around 10:00 CST, and then continue to roll in during the day and night. 

Today promises to be a historic day, no matter what happens. We'll be doing our best to provide a slice of social history in this locale. Stay tuned.