Calendar Geekery

I have written before about my calendar challenges. I can't really explain why I so dislike pre-printed personal calendars, but I do. It's a forced order, I guess. Since I am modern human operating in a professional culture, I must track my appointments. Over time, I have developed a regime that I can own.

I have to make my calendars. I've tried a variety of blank books; mostly Moleskins, which have worked well, but this year I wanted an actual hardback book with just a little heavier paper. I lurked around a few bookstores looking for the right thing, which ultimately I found at Artmart, a locally-owned art + craft + stationery place. I love the book I bought. Clothbound, nice heft. It's a Trav-e-logue Watercolor Journal by Hand-Book.

My basic format has stayed pretty consistent, shown in a number of these examples. Seven columns, a week at a time.

Typically I have used prismacolor colored pencils and a ruler. This year I decided to draw it all with a brush, looser, no ruler. A little water woke up the gouache remnants I have sitting around in my studio on about a dozen little plates. (These are the palettes from Spartan HolidayNo. 1.)

I use the headings as an excuse to goof around with lettering. I vary the color on a (more or less) monthly basis to keep myself interested.

I'm not disciplined enough about writing things down (which might be characterized as passive resistance). I am however compulsive about recording my swim workouts. I track yardage, intervals and times. Honestly, I've gotten much much geekier over time.

My original post on this subject really had to do with dailiness of making crap, and the way in which "the offhand thing" offers important evidence about one's concerns. I still think that's true.

Last time I wrote about this I got a nice comment from Klaus von Mirbach, a bookbinder and artist's book maker. I dropped by his blog this morning and enjoyed looking at spreads from this book.