Operator? Operator!

Tel-Tales No. 1, “Cut Lines & Intricate Minds.” Story by Donald Zettwoch, comic by Dan Zettwoch. A mini-comic one-off. 2010. 

Went to the Cherokee Print Sale last weekend and purchased this excellent Dan Zettwoch comic, explaining the inner workings and intramural scams of the AT&T (then Bell) plant in Louisville, Kentucky. Had jonesed this item online at Dan's blog. Typical Zettwoch: loaded to the gills with information, with characterization and setting to satisfy all comers. Written by his Dad. Love the cover. Printed on a punchcard from the plant in question.

I was in Louisville recently. (Swam in a meet.) Believe it or not, there is a facility in the city called the KFC YUM! Center. Wow. Really. Really.