Waiting, Pictured

Despite the heavy teaching schedule, I have been working in the margins at my new dining room set-up to keep at the onsite work. A week ago I had a medical appointment with lots of waiting time, as is typical with this doctor. He's good and slow and attentive, which is great, but you can count on him running behind. So I always bring work. This time I came armed with pencil and sketchbook, with the notion that I might build a sort of character roster from the interlude.

As it turned out, I got four characters (all on the right) from this go-round, including the non-plussed phone girl.

Later in the week I got the guy upper left from a hospital lobby and the white sedan with a curious backseat occupant at the cell phone lot at the airport.

I debated about what to do with the far left panel, but ultimately decided on an implicit setting for the characters on the right. Observed in downtown Clayton, Missouri, with certain additions and omissions.

Elected to leave some of the drawing show through the trees on the left side, to keep myself from beating the thing to death. Opinions most welcome on this front. Evocatively incomplete, or just lazy and unfinished?

Beginning to get a sense of where this work is headed, and glad of that... For now, it's going to be practice and more practice.