Fanny Munsell

(1884-1920) American Illustrator.

A prominent supplier of painted illustrations, in both grisaille and full color. Her work appeared in Cosmopolitan, Woman’s Home Companion, and (as shown here) Harper's Monthly, among other nationally distributed publications. She is associated with advertising work, though I have yet to uncover any in our files. She did some teaching, though for what school or under what aegis is far from clear.

Walt Reed wrote that Fanny Munsell taught her future husband, Charles Edward Chambers, who modeled his approach to illustration on hers. Unfortunately, Fanny Munsell Chambers died at 36. C.E. Chambers remarried and went on to become extremely successful, earning admission to the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame in 2010. 

Fanny Munsell's career has remained largely obscure. 

Fanny Munsell, "Watching Them, Janet Felt a Thousand Years Old," story illustration for "Young Love," by Elizabeth Jordan. Harper's Monthly Magazine. January 1915.

Fanny Munsell, "He Lingered to Propose to Her, While the Conductor Stood Waiting". Harper's Monthly Magazine. Story illustration for "Young Love," by Elizabeth JordanHarper's Monthly Magazine. January 1915.