Maribeth Olson

(active 1959-1966) American Illustrator.

Not much is known about Maribeth Olson. These few tear sheets were loose in a fat, unsorted "O" folder in the Walt Reed Archive. I fished them out and rooted around online for more information. She had the misfortune to work in the 1960s, as the mainstream magazine fiction jobs were drying up. Stylistically speaking her work is of the time, partaking of a new informality. It veers from the graphically inventive (the Redbook image below); to the comparatively insubstantial (the Good Housekeeping "Lady with a Secret" illustration and lettering struggle to hold the spread); to painterly flourishes (McCall's Beauty Department). Her late 1950s fashion work is satisfyingly breezy. 

Todays' Inspiration has a few examples which extend the set, but they are modest. A book search turned up Who's Afraid? (Dutton), a book by Berniece Rabe from 1980 which lists Maribeth Olson as illustrator, but that's pretty much it. 

Meribeth Olsen, "Lady with a Secret". Good Housekeeping Magazine. March 1961.

Maribeth Olson, "McCall's Beauty Department: The Most Precious Skin in the World...Yours!". McCall's Magazine.

Maribeth Olson, Interior Story Illustration for Redbook. December 1959.